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Produce - Our Focus on Freshness Every Day

At GIANT, we focus on freshness and high quality standards for our produce every day. The excellence we strive to achieve begins with the expertise of our buyers, the strength of our suppliers, and high store standards for quality. Having high standards for quality, we empower our associates to deliver only top quality produce to you and your family. In fact, we are so proud of the produce we carry, you’ll find our name on it. Look for GIANT Brand Produce every time you shop.

Our Suppliers
GIANT has a long history of partnering with the world’s finest growers. These relationships allow GIANT to offer our customers the best quality produce available. These growers adhere to our standards for high quality and freshness. It’s through experience, innovation and the very best growing practices that our suppliers are able to consistently deliver top quality produce.

Carefully Inspected
"All of GIANT’s produce must meet our clearly defined specifications and high standards for freshness and quality. It is my job to ensure that we deliver premium quality produce to our customers."

It’s All About Standards
Our commitment to high produce standards means you get the best quality product every time you shop. Our produce
inspection standards include:

  • Freshness
  • Color
  • Size and Shape
  • Maturity
  • Quality/Grade
  • Strict Food Safety Compliance

Our Stores
Each and every day our abundant selection of the freshest fruits and vegetables are carefully filled by our well-trained and highly-skilled produce associates. All proudce is carefully inspected, rotated and hand-placed on the display. Quality and freshness is the #1 priority of each of our associates. At GIANT, our goal is to bring you the best selection of produce from the feild to our stores as quickly as possible. We are very proud to offer you so many choices.

  • Over 40 herb choices
  • Over 20 tomato choices
  • Over 28 apple choices
  • Over 30 mushroom choices
  • Over 50 organic choices in each store
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